Cotton Canvas Painting Teepee with Paint Set

What’s more unique than having your child design their very own teepee? With a blank canvas and the included paint set and brush, let your little artist’s imagination run wild and dream up a teepee that suits their unique personality. Standing at 64” tall, and four sides measuring 45” each, this enormous teepee is large enough for the whole family to paint both inside and out! It is constructed to be super sturdy with four wooden poles for extra stability and a resilient canvas material that can survive most rough play. It is the perfect way to add a touch of your child’s style to any room in the house!

  • • Includes: 100% Cotton Canvas w/ Wooden Poles, Paints, Brush, and Tray
  • • Size: 45 IN X 45 IN X 64 IN

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Painting Winter Holiday Theme
Painting Americana Theme

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