Ocean Adventures Dome Tent

Are you ready to explore the ocean? You will be once you are sitting in our spacious "Ocean Adventures" Dome Tent. This bright-colored, polyester tent is so durable it can be used indoors or outdoors. The mesh ventilation panels at the top of the tent allow great airflow on hot days, making this a great tent to take to the beach! The durable, washable polyethylene floor keeps spills from ruining the carpet in addition to keeping you dry from wet grass. Adds enormous amounts of fun to the outdoors, your backyard, a beach trip, or your living room. Let your imagination flow with the currents of the sea in our "Ocean Adventures" Dome Tent!

  • Size: 72 in X 60 in X 49 in
  • "Ultra-Mesh" Lets the Air in and Keep Bugs Out!
  • Radius-Cut Velcro® Means No Cuts or Scrapes!
  • Our Super Poles™ are Patented for Safety and Color-Coded for Fast and Easy Assembly
  • Waterproof Floor Keeps Kids Dry when Playing Outdoors. Makes Spills Easy to Clean Up!
  • Sturdy Carry Bag included for Convenient Travel and Storage
  • Ginormous Size! We Know Kids Don't Want to Play Alone our Tents are Magnificently Large.
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